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As you may know, The Kanagawa Prefectural Government Office, Police Headquarters, Yokohama City Hall and many other governmental agencies are all located in Naka Ward. In addition, Naka Ward is the center of culture, sports and tourism activities with the popular Chinatown (Chukagai), Yokohama Stadium, which is the home of the professional baseball team Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars, and the historical Yokohama International Port City area including Yamashita Park. Also, Naka Ward has characteristics of an international city, as more than 10% of the population consists of registered foreigners.

Yokohama Nakaku Medical Association also celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2017. It consists of 286 doctors in 3 operational division areas (Kannai Area, Isezaki Area, and Honmoku Area) to support and keep the 150,000 resident population healthy.

The primary functions of the Association is to provide services to its members and the operation of the Nakaku Medical Center. The goal of the Association is to provide quality professional health care through the exchange of ideas, information and continuous trainings to its members.

Nakaku Medical Center has a Holiday Emergency Clinic, a Visiting Nurse Station, and a Home Nursing Consulting Office, and offers services to residents in Naka Ward, including disaster rescue operations. The Holiday Emergency Clinic provides the primary emergency care on weekends and holidays by member doctors. The Home Nursing Consulting Office, which was opened in June 2015 has its mission to provide training to caregivers for highly dependent medical residents who wish to stay at home where they are accustomed to living. Each of the 18 ward medical associations in Yokohama City has this office and it is an essential service to the residents.

Currently, there is a national policy to promote multi-occupational collaboration among the Medical, Dental, Pharmaceutical, Nursing Associations and the Home Medical Care Industries. Functional differentiation of hospitals and hospital beds categories such as hyper-acute, acute, recovery, and chronic are being distinguished. In the future, the medical care at home will be very important in the transition “From Hospital to Home.”

As an initiative on home health care, Nakaku Medical Association will work hard to provide high quality medical services to the residents as a contact point for medical cares at home.

It is our mission to become a friendly association to which residents can ask any medical questions anytime. We are asking for your support and cooperation. 

Shuichi Akiyama, M.D., Ph.D.
Director of Akiyama eye Clinic

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